About Skyship

Skyship LTD is a leading innovative Aeiral advertising solutions provider offering RC indoor and outdoor blimps and tethered balloons. Skyship operates flights in basketball arenas, shopping malls and other indoor events.

We specialize in outdoor flights that can operate anywhere, any time. Perfect for sporting events like basketball and soccer matches!

Skyship is certified to operate in the Euroleague and the Eurocup.

Skyship LTD is licensed and operates worldwide under the Israeli civil aviation authority [CAAI]. Our blimps are authorized to fly over crowds. Blimp operators receive training that is overseen by the CAAI and Skyship LTD. Operators receive a special license issued by the CAAI at the end of the training.

Skyship blimps are state of art and equipped with RGB LED lights, a prize drop system, public WIFI router and full HD camera and video, still and live HD digital streaming.

Skyship offers blimp options from 8 to 21 feet.