Blimp advertising

Blimp advertising has come a long way since a single trail of letters dangled behind a Zeppelin airship. Today blimp advertising has evolved into a dynamic advertising format employing customized branded graphics, live HD digital streaming, impactful aerial displays and bold lighting – enabling business to engage with their customers in extraordinary settings.  

Turn a captive audience into customers

Leveraged by every major industry today including professional sports, consumer products and financial services, blimp advertising is a highly targeted, cost effective way of reaching new customers and reinforcing brand awareness to existing customers. Why? Blimps solve a huge missed opportunity in audience settings. A state-of the art blimp just overhead enhances the audience experience turning a captive audience into customers.

How it works

When people hear noise overhead, they look up to see what it is. When a blimp comes across the sky, people will look at it, regarless of whether they want to see an ad or not. That's what aerial advertising does so effectively, whether you want to or not, you will look up.

With aerial advertising, you can keep the consumer’s focus. When you see a blimp in the sky, you’re going to remember it for a while. Once the blimp has passed, people will continue on their way, but aerial advertising holds people’s attention far better than other advertising channels and has better recall.

Aerial advertising allows businesses to have a well-rounded marketing campaign. Most businesses will have a presence digitally and on the ground with some kind of print advertisementor activation and aerial is the last piece of the puzzle when developing an effective initiative to raise brand awareness. That's true for RC blimps or tethered balloons.

Blimps offer a unique opportunity to partner with broadcasters that no other advertising medium can rival. Broadcasting major sporting or cultural events often requires aerial coverage. Blimps are the only authorized way to get aerial shots. These sophisticated blimps come fitted with a very high-tech, high-definition broadcast include 360 full HD video quality camera system, which is linked to the ground. It sends images taken above a stadium or an event to a broadcaster’s production truck on the ground. This allows for brand visibility overhead for those at a major stadium or event, PLUS it provides an on-screen presence for the advertiser. Generally, broadcasters will give a 20-second, live shot of the blimp coupled with verbal acknowledgement of the sponsor.

Why blimp?

Blimp branding can be positioned where it is needed, when it is needed, day or night.

While the perception is that a blimp campaign is expensive, the average blimp campaign for full basketball/football season, comprising 20-30 flights (that’s 60.000 seconds), is much less expensive than one 30 second commercial on Sunday Night Football or basketball game. That 30 second commercial can be avoided by consumers using DVR technology. A blimp is impossible to miss.

In addition, during broadcast integrations the blimp is seen during the telecast, so it cannot be missed by viewers at home.

Because blimp is such a huge visible presence for a brand, it becomes a lightning rod for all other brand activities. Thus it becomes a brand icon and an ambassador, creating significant internal engagement within a company.

The real estate on the blimp enables a brand to be highly creative with its artwork design.

New technologies such as the SCROLL LEDS and social media enable the blimp to communicate directly with consumers in real time, influencing consumer behavior and generating buzz.

The blimp brings a brand to live, giving it a personality and creating touch points where the consumers can get up close and personal with the blimp, the brand and the message. This creates once in a lifetime experiences and memories that last over time. Consumers will have an overwhelming affinity and loyalty to the brand.


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Safety: TPU - THERMOLASTIC POLYURETHANES, the material that comprises the blimp, is an innovative material developed to meet the specific needs and specialty manufacturers in various fields.



For more information on TPU click here.

Helium is nontoxic, not flammable gas.

For more information on Helium, click here.

SKYSHIP is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority in Israel and can operate indoor/outdoor blimps worldwide.